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It's not just a Relish. It's a Relationship!

Mariah’s Chow Chow Relish is the gourmet relish with the southern flavor of vegetables and spices combined into a savory condiment. Mariah’s relishes are excellent food enhancers and an everyday staple for most of your cooking needs; it is a flavoring for chicken, egg, tuna, and potato salads. It’s delicious as a cream cheese dip or served alone with your favorite crackers or chips. Mariah’s relish is an excellent glaze for cooking chicken, pork, salmon, and swordfish; a healthy addition for sandwiches, and makes any hot dog or hamburger a special treat. Grandma always served it with vegetables and those turnips, mustard greens, string beans and peas never tasted so delicious, not to mention that old southern favorite: cornbread.

We also recommend Mariah’s relishes for snacking, or try our famous Cream Cheese Dip. Since Mariah’s relishes are low in sodium, with no added preservatives for a naturally great taste, they’re actually good for you. So open a jar and “Relish What You Eat.”


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